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THE WALKING DEAD (spoilers) Empty THE WALKING DEAD (spoilers)

Post by sporeguya on Tue Oct 08, 2013 12:02 am

The Walking Dead, produced by AMC, is a TV drama following the trials and tribulations of Rick Grimes, a policeman.
One day, after Rick is shot on the job, he wakes up to find himself in a hospital, alone. He gets up, walks outside, only to be greeted by dozens of dead bodies, wrapped up in gauze and left out. He ventures further into the suburbs, and encounters survivors that take him in and nurse him to health. He learns what's going on from them, gets guns from a police storeroom, and sets out, seeking his wife and kid.

I personally am a big fan of The Walking Dead. I like the action, drama, plot, and the makeup is superb. Season one has six episodes, and each one really packs a punch and makes the viewer thrill and chill. You sit on the edge of your seat until the terse, gritty ending. I would give season 1 of The Walking Dead 9,894/10,000 stars.

Season two, however, AMC demanded 13 episodes from the producers, and they got a new writer, and it greatly impacts the quality. The makeup is faker, there are less zombies, the editing seems a bit heavy-handed. Also, AMC slashed their budget from $3.2 million to $2.8 million, and you can tell. Right out of the bat, they find a farm, and spend half the season inside. having fights and dealing with sicknesses. It's pretty slow until episode 7 or 8, the barn episode. Then it kinda picks up, and gets alright towards the end. I would give season 2 of The Walking Dead 7,190/10,000 stars.

So please, post reviews of later seasons/debate/talk about TWD! I haven't seen season 3 or beyond, but I'm not too concerned about spoilers, so let loose!

Also, thepadawan, I expect a full review from you Smile

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THE WALKING DEAD (spoilers) Empty Re: THE WALKING DEAD (spoilers)

Post by ShadowTurtleInc on Tue Oct 08, 2013 12:20 am

So I have watched all of season one and two aswell and have just begun watching season 3 for it has just been put on Netflix. I agree with pretty much Henry says about the show, I however would like to reinforce that if you are going to spoil anything in the show weather it be something from episode one or episode sixty nine that you make sure to use a spoiler warning tag. Anyways, this should be a good topic as season four begins in a week or so.

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